September 30, 2013

Steps for sending your Brooklyn junk car to the Brooklyn junk yard

A Brooklyn junk car is your old car which is taking up your space and you want to get rid of it sometimes fast. You can junka car in Brooklyn NY for cash fast at any Brooklyn junk yard. These are the steps you should follow before sending your car to a Brooklyn junk yard:

Pay off the loan to your bank: If you want to earn money for your Brooklyn junk car, then you will need to pay off the loan if you owe money on it. Then you will have a clean title. A clean title is needed because no junk yard in Brooklyn will take your car without a clean title regardless of the year.  Check out How to apply for a duplicate title certificate with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

Contact Brooklyn junk yards: You can search online for Brooklyn junk yards and contact them one by one to get the price for your Brooklyn junk car. They can even come to your place to tow away your Brooklyn junk car. Your search for Brooklyn junk yards can be filtered. If you want to search junk yard, then you have to mention Brooklyn in your search term not just junk yard.

Choose a Brooklyn junk yard: You should have two or three offers for your Brooklyn junk car. Now you have to decide which offer is best for you. Once you have decided on which offer you’re going to accept, contact that Brooklyn junk yard and schedule a cash payout and pick up that fits your schedule.

Remove the license plates from the front and rear of your Brooklyn junk car and return them to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. If your Brooklyn junk car isn’t registered in New York then return your license plate or plates to the state you registered your car in.  There are some places in Brooklyn that will return your plates for you for a fee. NYS law requires you to surrender your vehicle plates to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles before there is a lapse in your liability insurance. If you do not surrender your vehicle plates, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles will suspend your registration and driver license. Check out How to Surrender Vehicle Plates and Registration Items with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles.

I compiled a list of website and videos here that may be useful to you.

September 12, 2013

How to Junk a Car In Brooklyn NY

Decided to junk a car in Brooklyn NY? Junking an old broken down car in Brooklyn NY is as easy as simply donating it to a charity that is registered to legally accept junk cars, or you can junk your car yourself and make some extra money. You should note that different junk yards have different prices, so prices vary on the junk yard or junk car buyer you find and are comfortable with. You should know that the bigger the junk yard or junk car buyer the more money you will get.  

September 05, 2013

List of Junk Car Buyers In Brooklyn New York

Are you searching for junk car buyers in Brooklyn New York?  Here is a list of helpful websites related to cash for junk cars in Brooklyn, New York. They can pick up the same day and pay the most cash. You deserve to get a great deal on your junk car and it begins here.

Sell Your Vehicle to Cash For Junk Cars Brooklyn NY

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September 04, 2013

Junk Car Prices

Once you are ready to let go of your old junk car, you usually start looking for a way to dispose of it and at the same time get some money for its value. Before we get into the possible market price of a junk car, we have to understand a basic concept about junks cars. There is a difference in junking your car and selling it for salvage purpose. When you sell it for junk, it means that you are disposing it in such a way where it will be broken down for the metal. This will usually fetch only a few hundred dollars. However, setting up a car for salvage means that the car still has some parts which are re-useable. It will be then broken down to retrieve those parts. When you put up your car for salvage, you get a better price for it. There are some firms out there that purchase certain cars for salvage purposes.

In order to know the value of a junk car in New York, New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Long Island, it is better to compile a list of the companies who buy junk cars and find out their comparative prices. Some companies prove free junk car removal while putting cash in your pocket. 

September 01, 2013

What to do with your unwanted junk car in Brooklyn NY

If you have an unwanted junk car in Brooklyn, New York, you can junk it for cash today or you can donate it and wait for the money. When you donate a junk car in Brooklyn, you receive a $500 tax write-off that you can claim on your next tax return considering you have the right documents and deal with a legit donation company. When you junk a car in Brooklyn, you receive cash or a check on the spot. There is no wait for your money that’s why most people choose to junk their car in Brooklyn rather than donate it because they get cash on the spot. You can’t receive cash for your junk car and the tax write-off. It’s one or the other. So beware of those companies promising you money and a tax write-off for your junk car because this just is not possible. Before you donate your junk car in Brooklyn check out “A Donor's Guide to Car Donations” By the Internal Revenue Service to make sure you’re dealing with a legit donation company. Don’t wait until your next tax return to find out you got ripped off.